Batxillerat Dual

New Students del Dual Diploma!

Aquest curs un grup de 17 alumnes han començat amb molta força el seu trajecte per aconseguir un American High School Diploma!

Des del mes d’octubre van començar a fer dues assignatures: English i Life Management Skills. De la mà del seu professor americà, ja han participat en Live Sessions, han fet molts tests i redaccions i fins i tot han rebut el seu primer progress report.  

Tot seguit us ho expliquen ells mateixos!

English classes - Laia Molina
Every student in the Dual Diploma program has to take at least two years of English. Not everyone starts at the same level, as usually new students begin at either level 1 or 2, and sometimes even level 3 (there are a total of 5 levels). The first two levels work on speaking and pronunciation with a special application to learn English called Burlington. At the third level you are not required to use Burlington, however you do have to read a novel and report about it to the teacher.  Every week we have several things to do for this class, such as assignments, modules from Burlington application, a project, or even a quiz.

Life Management Skills - Ares Parro and Lucia Cabezas
For our Life Management Skills class, the teacher uploads every week some power points, documents or videos about the topics we will cover. At the end of the week, you have to do a little activity or a test about what you have learned. We like this class because you learn a lot of things about “real life” that you might not know and a lot of things about the “real world” which will help you in the future when you have your own job or live on your own.  We think that this subject is very useful, because it teaches ideas and methods which will help you in the future. 

Plataforma i eines - Laia Viaplana and Jana Teixido
In order to do our Dual Diploma classes, we use a platform called Cosmos, where we can easily access everything we need. There is even a page that reminds us all the tasks we have yet to do!  We also have a page with all the programs and online tools we need to do our work such as Microsoft programs and Zoom. At first, when you start the Dual Diploma program, it can be a little bit difficult, but once you know how the platform works, it becomes much easier.

Live sessions - Paula Abellò and Mariona Buyreu
Every two weeks, we attend a live session with our American Teacher via Zoom. Every session is about a different topic related to the classes we are taking. You can usually choose what day you want to do the session. On some days, there are even two sessions at different times so that everybody can attend when it is most suitable for them. The teacher always makes the student participate by asking a question or reading from the teacher's presentation.  

Horari i manera de treballar - Irene Castro and Noa Garcia
We don’t have a set schedule for our classes, but we do have due dates for all our assignments. By the end of the week, on Sundays, we need to submit our assignments for each subject. It’s important to manage your time carefully during the week, and if you don’t have time, you can finish during the weekend. For example, we have different activities to do for our English II class, including the Burlington platform where you do many practical exercises including recording your voice! It usually takes us about 3 hours to do our Burlington activities and then another hour and a half to do our other assignments. For now, we can say that we need about 5 hours weekly to complete all our tasks.  

Relació amb el professor america - Tomàs Castro
Our teacher is Warren Wright. He is a very good man who helps you every time he can. If you do something right, he will always congratulate you for a job well-done. Also, if you have a problem, it doesn’t matter what type of problem, big or small, he will answer your e-mails offering the best solution he can. He has also set some office hours during which you can program individual Skype meetings to talk about different questions you might have. Don’t be afraid to ask him any questions. He will always be there for you.

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